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Progress is slow

04 July, 2014

Reflections on my experiences learning Ukrainian to date

I spent thousands of dollars to work with a private tutor. I found her through a big company that specialises in teaching employees of corporations how to learn languages. While I liked her as a person, we struggled to find our groove as teacher and student. I finished those thirty hours feeling disgusted with myself. I wasted my time and my money and I just generally felt like a failure.

Not a good way to learn a language at all.

I stumbled upon both italki and memrise, and it’s really amazing how well they’re working for me. (Review of italki here and memrise here.)

I play on memrise all the time. The iPhone app is just awesome. It’s easy to use and I find myself ‘growing’ and ‘watering’ my vocabulary every chance I get. It’s ridiculous how much I love it. It works for me like nothing else has.

And italki? WOW!

I’ve had two sessions with one of their tutors ($6/hr! If you can believe that!) and I love it. I’m not sure what I remember and what I don’t, so it kind of feels like we’re basically making it up as we go along. It seems like I’m OK with the stuff you learn early on - greetings, counting, and matching genders. Today’s homework is on possession. (Я маю квіти // У мене є квіти) I remembered most of the conjugated forms of мати, so I was REALLY proud of myself.

I’ll get there. Eventually.

I was hoping I’d be more conversational by next weekend when I head to the Ukrainian Cultural Festival at Soyuzivka, but I might be barely functional.

It’s OK. I had a rough start. I’m accepting that.

Hopefully, I’ll be in better shape for the Ukrainian Festival in Toronto...

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