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Photos from Lviv

05 February, 2017

Just a bunch of random photos from our trip… including the one that proves why no one should ever fly Lufthansa.

Here’s the descriptions of the photos in the order they appear because I’m apparently an idiot who can’t remember how to tweak the CSS so that they display correctly… Oh well. I am an accountant, after all, and not a professional web designer.

Armenian Cathedral
In the courtyard of the Armenian Cathedral

Blowtorch Coffee
Blowtorch coffee!

Boston Parking
Boston-style parking space reservation

Devil's Gate
What lurks beyond the Devil’s Gate?

Dominican Cathedral
Dominican Cathedral

Statue of Masoch (yes, HIM)

Statue of Neptune at City Hall / Rynok Square

Opera House at Night - Top
Opera House at night - view of the top

Poetry near the Rudolfo


Taras Shevchenko
Taras Shevchenko monument

View from City Hall
View from City Hall

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