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24 December, 2014

What you identify as is as an important part of who you are as your eye and hair colour.

I originally wasn’t going to post this entry here, but then I decided that this is my Ukrainian blog. Created specifically for my language learning journey.

Since my learning Ukrainian is directly tied to my grandparents, I figured this was as good a place as any.

I lost both my parents before I turned thirty. I’m not saying that for pity. I’m stating a fact.

I’m an only child, so, for the most part, I was defined by whose child I was. (The American’s, Charlie’s, Helen’s… etc.)

I’ve always known who / what I am, but I’ve never explored it. I have being an American down-pat, but I don’t know anything about being a Ukrainian. I’ve explored it several times, briefly, in the past, but it took being unemployed and emotionally adrift to get me to finally WANT to know who Ukrainian me is.

And so I am. It starts with the language, the cultural festivals, the music and learning about the history of Ternopil/Ukraine.

It’ll continue with learning how to cook some of the meals I loved growing up. Next year, I hope to introduce some of the holiday traditions I didn’t even know I missed until Christmas this year brought them back to the surface.

I’m a Ukrainian. It’s weird to say. It’s weirder to know that I’ve always been Ukrainian and never had any idea what that actually meant.

With every new word in my Ukrainian vocabulary, I get closer to knowing that side of me. It’s tangible progress and it’s something I can take comfort in as my language skills grow at what (I feel) has become an impressive rate.

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