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08 May, 2016

Today’s homework: comparing a room before and after a robbery (Image source is unknown)

Hot damn.

This was my assignment from Friday’s lesson. Granted, we went over the image together and I got some new vocabulary from Svetlana to help with the assignment…

But, but, but!!!!

I wrote this all by my lonesome, checking cases and verbs and prepositions as I went along. I used my handy-dandy laminated charts* to make sure I was picking up the correct endings and every thing! Once I had the whole essay written, I ran it through Google Translate, only to find that any errors were my own (and those were spelling so WHOO HOO!). I still suck at typing in Ukrainian. One day I’ll have the same level of muscle memory for the Ukrainian keyboard that I do for the English one… Until then, I’ll keep using Google Translate as a sort of spell check.

Here’s today’s piece of “creative” writing to amuse and amaze:

Злочинець дивиться в кімнату. Там два картини біля вікно. Стара відео камера і велика ваза лежить на нижній полиця. Гітар висить на стіні, біля шафи. Дві валізи лежать на підлозі. Комп‘ютер на столі і відео програвач під телевізором.

Злочинець не біля вікна. Зараз тільки одна картина висить біля вікна. Немає відео камери і вази на нижній полиця. Гітара не висить на стіні за шафою. Там немає обох валіз. Комп‘ютер не на столі і відео програвач не під телевізором.

Not too shabby, huh? *grin*

*I don’t think I’ve talked about my charts yet! It was a great craft project one afternoon. Beginner’s Ukrainian has a decent amount of pages in the back with all kinds of grammar tables. I ended up photocopying and laminating them. They’re beautiful and I don’t have to drag the whole textbook with me whenever I take homework on the road with me. I’ve been known to do Ukrainian homework on my iPhone whilst waiting for appointments, so size/ease of use matters.

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