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Guess who’s back?

08 December, 2018

Holy weirdness, Batman! These common Harry Potter words look wicked strange!

I’ve been struggling a lot lately to get back into the groove of language learning. (Surprised? Me neither.)

But. But. BUT!

I made a pretty decent start of it in the past few weeks. I’m four lessons into Beginner’s Ukrainian (for probably the fourth time) and I’m also working my way through the first chapter of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone (also for probably the fourth time).

I’ve been neglecting making flashcards because using an app (like Anki) means I have to keep switching between the Cyrillic and Roman keyboards and it is P A I N F U L.

And I’m addicted to learning Cyrillic cursive at the moment… which is probably the best reason I can find for making flashcards the old fashioned way. I just need to get off my butt and do it.

I got curious the other day and looked to see just how many jobs in any industry have being bilingual (Spanish/English) as either a requirement or preferred. I wasn’t surprised to see that there are a lot (because South Florida). Which only means that if we’re staying here for any length of time - which we definitely are - my little language addiction needs to be fed.

I want to get the Ukrainian to a decent level before I start on Spanish. Which means learning vocab. Which puts me right back to square one. *sigh*

I’m already putting Polish on the back burner and of course, I just added a new language to the mix: Japanese. Yup. So the language wish-list has become: Ukrainian, Polish, Spanish, French (refresher), German, and Japanese. And there were two others I thought would be fun: Latin (refresher) and Esperanto.

I’m going to have to buckle down and use all those italki credits. (How many times have I said that? I’ve lost count.)

Right now, though? Right now, I’m going to eat a late lunch / early supper and then work on those handwritten flash cards whilst I’m still inspired to do so.

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