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Everything will be fine

05 March, 2016

Everything is falling into place: my trip to Lviv is booked and paid for and my Ukrainian lessons going well!

Ah… progress.

This 5 day at week Ukrainian lesson schedule is kicking my butt - in a good way.

I’m still rotating through the two tutors, but Svetlana really is my favourite. I think it’s because she doesn’t do video and she’s not so dependent on a textbook. On the other hand, having a structured lesson plan - page by painful page - is working well, too. My only real complaint about the textbook Oksana uses is that the important bits related the grammar and vocab are scattered throughout the text and workbook. Since I’m still too dependent on the books for vocabulary and grammar, this has become a bit of an inconvenience. She also moves very quickly and I struggle to keep notes.

Vocabulary continues to be a major pain in my butt. I hate building up my Memrise course because it’s soooo boring and I don’t always remember to do a quick run through during my free minutes. (So, yeah, I continue to be my own worse enemy.) I’ve tried using the pre-made courses for boring stuff like numbers, colours—things that are general enough to not really matter. I’ve gotten into the habit of picking and choosing what vocabulary I want to learn and that makes it a little harder, too.

I finally did put my foot down and start to steer Svetlana into better learning material. She really likes the Read Ukrainian website, but it drives me up the wall. The material is never relevant to me and there’s too much unfamiliar vocabulary that doesn’t fit into my endgame. I think she was upset when I said I hated the site, but… this isn’t school. I get to drive this classroom experience. And with the clock ticking down to our trip to Lviv, I don’t have time to waste on vocabulary that I don’t think I need.

Another thing that I like / need is doing a lot of written homework. I hate to read and listen to audio. Mostly because I do a fair amount of time listening to stuff at work and in the car. I can’t read when I’m driving / working and I can’t really understand the dialogues without the text in front of me. It’s a terrible cycle.

I am still balancing the tutor assignments with the Beginner’s Ukrainian textbook and it’s still managing to tie in to both tutors’ lessons.

I can’t complain too much. The vocabulary will come in due time and it is starting to sink in. Like I said, 5 days a week has been drilling grammar and vocab into my brain in a way that flashcards don’t. Even Memrise has become too passive and learning words in isolation doesn’t work well for me anymore.

I’ll figure it out… I still have a few months and I have faith that “все буде добре”. *grin*

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