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кожен день

23 April, 2016

Everyday it’s a-gettin’ closer. Goin’ faster than a rollercoaster. - Buddy Holly

Yesterday, Svetlana said that her friend saw my assignment where I had to write something about each month. It was painful. It was long. And it was boring. I stuck to safe things: holidays, birthdays, the clothes I’d wear. Seriously… I know kindergartners who write better than I did.


She said that he was impressed, and if I spoke as well as I wrote, I’d be just fine.

Maybe I write in Ukrainian well because I write. All the time. I mean, writing’s my thing. I hate speaking. I stutter and get nervous, say the wrong thing, get tongue-tied. Even with people I’ve known my whole life.

Introversion coupled with social anxiety sucks, which is why I’ll never have a language exchange partner. Unless I can talk my husband into learning Ukrainian…

I’m using a new flashcard program, which does spelling and multiple choice like Memrise, but isn’t such a pain to set up. It’s been slow going. I know I’m my own worst enemy when it comes to studying vocabulary via rote memorisation. So, I’m still playing to find a way that works for me.

Music is still a front-runner, so I’m going to start using Glossika again. I tried it in the past, but I don’t have the patience to sit down and listen to a dialog and read from the book simultaneously. I just can’t. Don’t ask me why. I did try listening to the audio when I went to Woodstock, NY a few weeks ago. A four hour drive wasn’t the best time to attempt it, but I got through maybe an hour before I felt like throwing my iPod out the window. I’ve listened to it at work, as well. It’s a passive as music and not as much fun, but if I concentrate on it in bursts, it might not be so bad. I can also listen to it (and read the sentences) whilst I’m on the treadmill. I’ve been spending a lot of quality time on the treadmill lately, so it’s definitely an option.

Another thing I’ve grown fond of is ух радіо out of Ternopil. They don’t play music with English lyrics and they don’t speak Russian. I had to leave a Facebook group because too many of the posts were in Russian. How am I supposed to learn the language if I can’t access it?

I’m ashamed to admit that at one point I thought about learning Russian because it was ‘easier’ (had more learning material), but that was still in the dark days of the internet, when web cams were rare and Skype probably hadn’t even been imagined yet… But I’m a Ukrainian and Ukrainian I shall speak.

Every day, every Океан Ельзи song, I get a little closer to my end goal.

I’m still hopeful that by the time I get to Lviv, I’ll be fluent enough to function.

The good news is that I’m definitely getting there.

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