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Camp NaNoWriMo - Day 1

02 April, 2017

I just wrote 92 words of absolutely terrible Ukrainian and posted it on Lang-8 to be torn to bits by people a lot smarter than me.

After a bunch of reflection, a trip to the cemetery to visit my grandparents, and a birthday, I decided that it was time to stop stalling and get moving again on my studies.

(Why does it seem like I say that EVERY time I write an entry here? *sigh*)

Anyhoo - it’s time for Camp!

I gave up on the idea of trying to translate for Camp because I just can’t get motivated. I thought it would be easier to go from English to Ukrainian, but Ukrainian to English seems to work better for me. I don’t feel right putting up a translation of someone else’s work so…

I decided to try and do 50 words a day on whatever I thought of. In straight Ukrainian - no starting in English and translating.

Granted, there were a few missing words that needed to be looked up and my grammar is probably a screaming mess, but I squeezed out 90 words on Lviv. (Apparently, that’s all I want to write about lately.)

Most importantly, it’s out there, waiting to get corrected by a bunch of strangers.

Here it is - I’ll be tracking the corrections in a Google Doc and I’m excited / terrified to see how many corrections I get.

It’s worth it though, right? Right?

(OH! Completely unrelated, but possibly interesting… Someone is using my gmail address, so I’ve been giving out the address attached to this domain. Someone asked me about it and when I gave them my tagline, they thought it was great. Then I explained how I was trying to ‘brand’ myself as Ukie Girl and they asked me why I still wanted to be an accountant when I belonged in marketing. Thanks, dude! That really made my day.)

2 квітень 2017

Сьогодні - неділя.

Я зайнятий вивченням українська мова. На жаль, це занадто багато слови і я забувати багато. Тому я хочу пишу кожень день

Я думаю що я хочу жити за кордон - мабуть Львів. У лістопада, ми з чоловіком їздили до Львові. Коли ми були там, я зустрічала деякі моя сім‘я.

Моя бабуся і дідусь жили в україна коли вони були діти. Моя бабуся мала дві двоюрідна сестри хто були залишати. Я дуже щаслива знати що я маю сім‘я в Україна.

Львів - дуже гарне місто. Я хочу іти назад незабаром.



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