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17 March, 2017

A search for new sources of Ukrainian entertainment, brought me to the Ukrainian version of the Voice.

I’m still trying to find the best ways to actively engage with Ukrainian that are more passive.

Wow… I just read that over. I promise you, English is my first language.

I’ve known for a while now that listening is huge. I don’t have the patience to actively watch something. I need to stay busy - mindless TV watching is not my thing, but it’s hard to write fiction, knit, or whatever and watch at the same time. A lot of shows become background noise and I can’t follow the plot from week to week.

It’s just my way.

So. That leads me to today’s experiment.

I’m off today (four day birfday weekend -w00t!) so I searched for 1+1and M2, both are stations that we watched while we were in Lviv.  Well, I tried to watch and my husband ignored.

He’s loving the American version of The Voice right now, so I decided to check out the Ukrainian version.

It’s interesting, if not a bit frustrating. I’m amazed by the amount of English I’m hearing sung. Yeah. It’s probably the best way to become an international pop star, but I’m looking for more exposure to Ukrainian, not English! I’ve already heard several Okean Elzy covers (meh) and one girl had the guts to sing the song Jamala won Eurovision with. Did I mention Jamala was a judge? Yeah. She was so not impressed that I actually felt bad for the girl.

I still don’t understand a lot of what I’m hearing, but the judges look like they’re having more fun than the American judges do.

So that’s what I’m doing this afternoon. Listening to The Voice of the Country and M2 while I knit my scarf, which btw, is taking FOREVER.

If you’re curious, i’s a Harry Potter scarf - Ravenclaw house, in the book colours (book canon is the ONLY canon!) and it’s supposed to be about 6’ long. It’s not even halfway done and it’s probably closer to a finished length of 7’ 5”. *sigh*

It’s a nice break from the studying for the CMA exam and it’s great to work on while listening to Ukrainian music / tv.

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