So. Who is this Ukie Girl?

Ukrainian by blood

I am the granddaughter of Ukrainian immigrants. They were born in a small village of what was then Poland. They were captured by the Germans and spent some time as forced labour. They were able to leave Germany and came to the States looking for a better life.

American by birth

Growing up, the only exposure I had to the Ukrainian language and culture was what I got when I was at my grandparents' home. My mother, for whatever reason, chose to raise me as an American. Had I been smarter, I would have taken advantage of those hours spent with my Baba and Dido. I would have learned how to cook. I would have learned the language. I would have learned who I really am.

British at heart

I got the domain because was taken (*grin*). In all seriousness, I'm a proud Anglophile. There's so much to love about the UK, except the exchange rate between the pound and the US dollar.

:: :: ::

Eventually, I will be blogging here in Ukrainian and only Ukrainian. For now though, it's a place for me to park my thoughts about learning what it means to be Ukrainian.

Thanks for coming along for the journey with me!